Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Fuck Off And Smile!"

Awesome stuff!

This is great! I thought it was going to wind up being ruined with lyrics. This was perfect.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha see people want lyrics, others don't....I don't :)


I have just moved to North Dakota. I used to listen to rap. I still do, but now I have started to listen to alternative and punk, and some other stuff that involves guitars. This is now my official theme song for when I'm angry.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome! Welcome to the punk rocker ranks!

Will you ever stop making this kind of...

amazing music? O_O

Calm down there dude, Fat Wreck Chords might kidnap you. O_O

Anyways, once again... an amazing song. Nice :]


this is what reminds me of why I simply LOVE newgrounds, because of all the insanely crazy and really talented musicians around. Keep on rocking and rolling Evil-dog keep it up :D


Holy shit!

the bridge made me jizz in my pants