Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Fuck Off And Smile!"

pretty cool

not the biggest fan of punk , but stoll not bad

Evil-Dog responds:

No offense but I don't really see the point of your review, if you don't like a style of music, simply don't listen to it. I don't go in the hiphop section or check hiphop songs and rate them lower because I don't like hiphop. So what exactly is the point of commenting a song from a style of music you don't particularly like? Just to give your musical preference? And I'm not saying that to be a dick, I'm just wondering why people think their opinion is valuable when they are already biased toward the style of music they're reviewing. PM me if you want, I'm really curious.


It's kinda like all your songs sound basically the same. I guess some people could like that, but a little spice couldn't hurt.

Evil-Dog responds:

You are right to some extent.

another great song evil-dog!

im proud of you<3 lol err...forget that...i love the quote in the beginning and the song is just...great (as expected) the guitar and drums sound really awesome^^
great job again man!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks :)

Man that's bad ass!

The guitars were great!
Was that a drum machine?

Evil-Dog responds:

well not a drum machine but a sampled drum. A drum made with drum sounds. I place each sounds myself though they're not premade beats.

Two-Thumbs Up

That was a great song.. I'm usually pretty damn picky with my music. I greatly enjoyed this.. the ryhtym guitar was amazing and the drums we're great as well. Plus, the beginning made me laugh ^_^

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice, thanks for your generous review