Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Fuck Off And Smile!"


Yeah very good man :p


good song dude :D.. and start the song w/ puddle on when hes done screaming >.>


What more can I say? We have ourselves a pile of ownage with leet sauce on top!
[DLs, tens, and fives.]

With the quote: AGREED.

Oh, need to favourite this song, too. Whoops.

Evil-Dog responds:



I love the message of this song dude!! It reminds me of that one day in school where we had this award thing and I got voted for the most corageous and out going (it was part of my little club thing my dad signed me up for, I also didn't go half the time). And when I made my speech, I said something like "All I wanna say for this award, is i'd rather go and fuck some strange hooker with STD's then stay here!" Then just started hauling so much ass out the school doors and into the local Wendy's down the street. They never found me there, I hid in the bathrooms :P
And the good part was I never got suspended because they could never get ahold of my parents because they were in Colorado that week and my uncle forced me to go. Another good thing was that week was the last day until Spring Break came.

How this song reminded me of it, I have noooo clue!!

Keep rockin' out Evil-Dog, and stay gnarly!!

Evil-Dog responds:

And yeah I'll keep rocking out!


You fuckin rule... really...

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks, I'm glad you liked it
and I see you fav'ed me, thanks :)