Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Fuck Off And Smile!"

rock on

**** yay

This kicks ass

Seriously dude. I downloaded this and had my friend take a listen. i seriously hope you come out with a cd. as of now im just burning my own and of course giving credit where credit is due. goodluck with your works man.

Evil-Dog responds:

thank you sir :)

emos pisses me off

you are a fucking emo killer man!, and I LOVE THAT!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha :) emo have the right to live...if only they wanted to...nah just kidding, they're ok I guess :)

Hell Yeah!!

Sick as man. I loved it. You play extreme music. Something like this and other songs like Asshole and Switch VS Evildog could be proper commercial music, and i would PAY to buy your stuff. Though im happy that its free at the moment, it doesnt mean that stuff you pay for is better,
this is way better than some of the commercial shit out there.

(And by the way, I get what you mean about playing by heart, but it would be good for some of us out here if some sheet music did appear, ive been looking EVERYWHERE, and can't find much.)

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah i know people want tabs hehe
Maybe I'll get around to doing them someday
thanks for the kind comment :)


Like all of your songs, awesome.

Is there any way I could get Tabs/Sheets/Anything from you?
I've been looking for tabs/sheets of Punk In Metropolis for days now...
If not, how do you play? O.o

Evil-Dog responds:

I play by heart dude, have you ever seen a band playing on stage with tab sheets in front of them? haha musicians play by heart man :)

And sorry i don't have any sheets or tabs for any of my song.