Reviews for "(8-Bit) Caramelldansen"


Hey,see if you can make sonic dance to this!! it will be worth your time. anyways, love it.

lol ^^

awesomeness xP

tsunami334 responds:

It's about as cool as brain washing! Apply directly to the forehead! XD


it fits well. I hear this all the time on Youtube(especially with the P3 and P4 dancing to the tune xD).

tsunami334 responds:

Sorry for the late comment, but It is becoming a internet phenomenon! Maybe one day it will be as popular as Tay Zonday :D

Nice Songs looking forward for more

Run guys! It's the Caramel Dance!

Although a Carameldansen may not have the same finesse that a Rick roll might have, it is good in its own right. Your 8-bit rendition was very accurate according to its rhythm and melody. Now all I have to do now, is raise my hands and flap 'em madly while I swing my butt from side to side.

tsunami334 responds:

Well I believe if you ask any youtuber what this is because there are so many videos of this and thank you very much for the review