Reviews for "Faseless cover"

reminds me of dan mumfords work too, really cool

Great work, dude. it reminds me allot of the work of Dan Mumford. I'm sure you've seen some of his work if your're into post-hardcore or metal-core. I really like the style of this, you could easily turn this into a mad screen print. I especially like the background, the simplicity of the army of the faceless and how they blend into the horizon. gotta say this is top-notch and very professional. 5/5

I also checked out Face to Forget and they're pretty good.

When i first saw this i thought you did a cover for the band "The Faceless" Anyway way cool art!

Guy....if you could draw up a haggerd lookin bunny like this I PROMISE you I WILL get it TATTED onto my FLESH!!!!!!

Doesn't he technically have a face if something like that is there? I mean he still has at least one eye and his mouth...

Grigoro responds:

I considered that a mouth and an eye will make the character a little more charismatic.