Reviews for "experiment 29783512"

What the...

That was incredible!!! I love stuff like this so much. You are an amazing artist. Please, do more like this.

Just the style, and how fucking odd it was... it's so perfect. It's art. Just like you said. Such a great job.

Nice,but short.

The artwork,as usual,was absolutely stunning,and the flash....was trippy... heh


Beautifully done--I look forward to seeing another like this please :) Eery and cryptic is just my style!


damn.. how many differnt styles do you have?

so you do beautiful music video animations like "the star that I sail by" and you do silly but brilliant ones with funny voiceovers like "butterscotch" and now this bizarrely creepy one which is so bloody good I can only say


Really creepy. Looks kinda like Toy Story on Mars Meets an Acid Trip. A little short, though. I'm giving you a 10 just for creeping me the fuck out!