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Reviews for "Chienzilla (Dogzilla)"


who knew that such an off-kilter kinda film like this would be strangely hilarious... the fact that everything is in french really helps for some reason... i think yuo guys need to cut down on the intro credit time, but overall i think you did a pretty good job

very good

incredibly amusing. good south park ripoff, j'aime les graphiques. if thats how u say it... the music was funny. drowning pool, lol
je veux parle beacoup, mais, je dois aller.

yea heh

i remember watching this movie earlier... the credits in the begining is not a good idea.. you should leave them for the end... they sure are long in this flash. you have two names for this flash though... why? Chienzilla and Dogzilla.... and the characters look like south park characters... which isn't too bad... the sound doesn't seem to fit very well with that dog that roars like godzilla.. this is funny though that this movie is in french.. goood thing you have english translation cuz it would have been a little difficult to understand. Little kids are always afraid of dogs... this is funny.. reminds me of the sandlot almost. graphics sure are good in this movie though. whoa, that was funny when he was using a squirt gun and the other was using a real gun.. but then they got eatened. This is definitely every little kid's nightmare. nice work.

your french

dude when you try to speak in french don't use a automatic translator beacause we don't say LE FIN we say LA FIN...

guys, guys, guys

if you are gonna make me watch endless hours of credits at the beginning then you better'd have something awesome.

the style and look of this is awesome.

the idea is awesome...except there's no idea there.
see, it had great randomization and play...but you stopped at the idea and didn't develop it into a plot.

the dog-great
the cow-great
the guys-great
the gun shop with random hose-great

but there has to be a little more

for your first flash this is awesome, but for pete's sake DON'T PUT SO MANY STUPID CREDITS BEFORE THE FLASH!!!!!