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Reviews for "(-Citadel in the Clouds-)"

Very Nice.

And Sorry to hear about your classmate. This is a touching piece even with your beats added in. I like the lead (For some reason I cant distinguish it) but its nice. everything is balanced.
-Doox4 :)

scoutzero responds:

thanks for the review :)


I'm sorry about your friend. But, hey, your classmate's legacy will live on through more than just this masterpiece of a song.
And WTF?!?!? Five votes had it at 2.95, or so! That is blasphemy! I'll vote 'til it gets the real score it deserves.
Best stuff I've heard all day. And believe me, I've been listening to Hans Zimmer the entire day, so I really mean what I say.
Keep it up!

scoutzero responds:

thanks :D

good work

And yes this peace deserves a decent score you get a five from me to bring this up where it should be

scoutzero responds:

thank you :)

Very nice and awesome

Sorry to hear about your loss mac. =_= but this song, this is very pretty and soothing. I really love how it changes beats a couple times throughout the song.

I'm sure your buddy's happy right now, listening to this. :)

10/10, 5/5, fav'd

scoutzero responds:

Thanks :D


This song may not have been perfect but it was extremely close to it. Very calm and soothing. I almost fell asleep while writing this review (it's a good thing).
Sorry about your loss and congrats on this piece of artwork.
Its like I always say: "The greatest triumphs come from the greatest losses"

keep up the good work