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Reviews for "(2005) Klay Swimming Pool"

Hilariously good

Once again you display your magnificent animation with your good sense of humor.
Loved this movie especially the ending.
PS: For a second I forgot that floaty was made out of clay and though it would float!


they should call the snowman a clayman cuz hes made of clay XD

lol Snow Man!!!

Rofl the life guard was halarious... XD
First Klay Guy(idk his name)- "Yo life guard can we go in the pool?"
LifeGuard- "Uhh uh"
First Klay Guy- "what?"
LifeGuard- Uhh uh"
First Klay Guy- "WHAT????"
LifeGuard- "I sayd... UHH uhh!"

THat part totaly knocked me out whit laughter XD
And when hes like "yeah i am the lifeguard .... i guard the life" XD rofl
That was tottaly awsome XD
I cant describe how funny this is XD


Loved the snowman, keep it up! Your animation is great!


a bond of friendship between snow and klay........ and teh end of a friendship in 10 seconds!!!!!!!! FUNYYYYYYYY!!!!