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Reviews for "(2005) Klay Swimming Pool"

This is @#$! FUNNY!

This is my favorite flash!

One of my favorite vids on Newgrounds ^^

God, did I laugh with this video lmfao I LOVE the clay people, they're hilariouse!!! ^^

(Loved the snowman hahaha)

I'm still wondering how to do a vid like that... O_o

Nice job!!!!

snowman, it's NOT too late!

honestly, how do you do it?
how do you bless the earth with the best claymation ever?
you are indefinetly on my favorite artist list.
in fact, you are the only one on my favorit artist list!!! :-P

That was a must laugh out loud movie.

I love the situations your klay men had to face within this episode especially the snowman added to the humor that was very hillarious indeed.

woo hoo

that was so funny

"snowman can u hear me? just grab the floaty