Reviews for "Non-Canonical Joke Minute"


The graphics were nice, I got the joke but it didn't make me laugh one bit tho...


was the joke really that hard for some people to get?
Awesome animation and voicing. Very clean lines, coloration, wonderful example of anime. And the end joke was pretty cute. It made me giggle :)

I'm still astounded by the fact that so many other reviewers didn't get it.

Wow, make me laugh

This is great, it took my about 5 sec to understand what was going on, when i relize i started laughing. lol Another than that, this movie tops the charts.


you my freind have a future in animation it was short and sweet and to the point if you have seen my reveiws you no i give compliments to those who diserve and insult those who dont but it was funny

You have a bright future in Professional Animation

While the jokes weren't super funny (I got the joke, just it wasn't all that funny) you did have a beautiful and near divine animation and very nice graphics. You have a future, and coming from me, that is a rare statement.