Reviews for "Non-Canonical Joke Minute"

Not so hard joke, ppl just don get it. XD

Well made animation, short but still good. :D
As I said the joke isn't so hard but ppl don get it the first time. XD

Woop woop I'm clever!

I am the only person in my family (except my granddad who also got it), and out of all my friends to get that joke. I was laughing my head off and everyone was looking at me like I was a nut case!

Graphics (8/10):
It may just be this computer but the animation was a bit slow. Though I'll take that with a pinch of salt as this computer is turd polish. The art was still amazing, especially for it's time.

Audio (9/10):
The audio quality was superb on the characters, I heard every word they said. And I loved the stereotype robot voice.

Humour (10/10):
This is the funniest animation I have seen in a long time (and I saw it a long time ago too) this just has to be the best joke I heard cause nobody but I and my granddad get it.

Overall (10/10):
Everything about this animation is, well, perfect! The art is awesome, it rivals Adam Phillips! The animation isn't too shabby (except this computer is slow, just like the people who didn't get the joke!). Audio quality on the voices is professional standard, so crisp, so clear! Lastly the joke was clever and had me in fits, the little side joke wasn't bad either, keeps those who didn't get the main one happy I suppose. Anyway, I commend you Shawn. You have created a masterpiece that is so underrated, it should be at least a 4.8! You'll have to do another one sometime, please!!!

I like your stile

The way you use the shadow as an effect on the hair is awesome


funny stuff here funny stuff but y do people say its a hard joke its really easy to understand

good job

...what? i have no more to say...so that means you can stop reading this...=P