Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

This game is awesome yet so simple :D

For all who dosent know, the birds give secret bonuses like:

Turn fast.
Fly fast.
Shoot fast.
Shoot behind you.
Or just kill you.

one word

awesome, ok no time for pros and cons but i really love this game its soooo funny!!!

its really fun

i had no issues whit this game only that there were nazi i would give !10/10 otherwise :)


The fact theres no A.I or mutiplayer linkage really kills the game. Its hard enough to share a Desktop with 2 people so laptop users are shot. as for the pigeons lol it is tricky , id recommend tweeking the variable on the kill switch on your inclines.......cant wait to see if you "update" this ....good start to a possible flight fighter/shooter


Good hard controls though.