Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"


Definitely needs music and better graphics and the fact that you can't fly sraight up is true to fact that u can't in a plane like that

ver interesting

this is a very unique game.. i couldn't find someone else to face... but um.. yea i like the controls i don't really understand on how to beat the game.. but the sound fx is great... some soft background music would be a nice add on.

I found it alright. sound wasnt that great.

Didnt like it. Thats all

Nice game with rooms for improvments.

I like the idea for multiplayer at same comp and idea about multiplayer over web(there aren't games like this for online mutiplayer).
few suggestions
- bigger screen
- Make so u can get out of stalls little easier
- health bar(no single shot kills plz)
- make bullets do rendome damage
- landing back in garage give u ur health back
- control speed

Nice game keep it up :)

momfreeek responds:

I like your ideas...

The graphics don't scale well but I guess they could have more room to fly around.

It used to be too easy to get out of stalls so I made them spin round. I'll find a balance somewhere.

health bar and refeulling would be cool. It would need more keys which I wanted to keep to a minumum. Keyboards don't like loads of keys being pressed at once. If it worked online this wouldn't be so much of a problem.

I've done a bit of research into multi-player over web and its certainly possible but wouldn't work in newgrounds. I'm not sure how bad the lag would be.

nice game

i like it alot, very realistic with the stalls, lots of pep forgot to put in one of the most dangerous things in flight, a stall, but i dont know if u could stall from a bird though...but stilll, very interactive and fun! only improvements it needs is sound, more harazads, and amybe a meter to tell health and stall. I look forward to see more of these games, well done!