Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

awsome but needs a cpu player

it does need a cpu for a player cause its so hard to find someone to play with and online would be awsome :D love htis game make more please!

Old School

This is a fun, interesting game. Reminds me of some of the earlier air combat games for the old NES. I do suggest adding computer opponents. The game is challenging to hit such a small target and your aim does have to be precise, but that's what makes it fun. I also like how touching the edge of the sky will cause your gun to fire to the back. I've shot myself down more than once (take evasive manuvers!), but I found it funny. Now if I can only track down a few people to play also...

Cool Little Engine.

This would be a great little engine for a real game... because without any single player component it's pretty much just an engine...

I really hope you expand on what you have and add computer opponents - not just other planes (if that wouldn't be too difficult to program) - but stuff like the pigeons, except it would be mission based and the enemies would fight back :)

Good stuff here, but I really hope you expand on it.


This game is GREAT. The stalling problem makes the game seem more fun and realistic. I've played with 3 of my friends, and we all love it. If this goes as an online game here are a few ideas. Faster shooting,doubleshot,powerups,larger maps. This game brought me happiness because first i thought it would be a game of dog fighting eachother, then i played it, and realized, hey this is pretty fun! I got up to killing 4 pigeons then i went too fast and stalled. It's fun as hell with 2-4 people and it'd be great as an online game.
Good work man, you've proven your job as a game maker, this is going in my favorites...


if you hit the moon your plane disappears. also whats up with the stalling for no reason? did you just deside to give us really crappy planes?