Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"


Dont read all the negative review they just dont have friends Its Really Fun


Love the pixelated style, although I wish the game were longer. Maybe day and night, different areas....

Old-school feel Dogfighting game.

Don´t listen to the bad reviews man, this game is great.

I particularly like the stall mechanics, and how you can get out of stall by turning the airplane the opposite direction of the spin, just like in real aerodynamics.

Also liked how the more stars you collect out of those pigeons, the more you´re flying a charged up, no-stall airplane that resembles an F-14.

Didn´t get to test multiplayer cause I´m too anti-social for friends, but if this game got a multiplayer server it would be killer.


how the fuck do i start?
btw i read the instructions...
nvm and hahjahahaha!!!Hit The Owl!!heheheheh!!!!
pretty fun =D

what were you thinking

i mean really like what crap are you giving to the public