Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

I liked it

I liked this kinda neat, and it had a nice plot very nice work there the art was notbad either a decent idea here, go with it

just make more to this story

A decent story and wellmade flash i loved it


I''m not really into sci-fi sorry

The animations were good except your birds look like snowmen which got me pretty confused yea. The whole alien thing well he looks like a human though so maybe he could transform into a hideous beast if he's the invader andif he's the good guy well then he's ok. Yea but why do the people around him don't notice he's an alien. There's gotta be a bit more reality.

well it was ok...

xOrangex,YOU SUCK.this was actually pretty good,considering the whole suspense thing.but if there really isnt another one then this would suck.ovweall good job


Hmm... that was boring and short is seems that your realy lazy... feg...

I'm interested.

Can't wait to see the way this story unfold. I like the unique way this was drawn, and it appears to have a refreshing original storyline. Yay.