Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

it should be one thing not 4

it was boring sleeping he should be on a mission to have sex hot dirty kinky sex or kill lots of people blood heads flying sex and killing is the best to watch or I just need lots and lots of help

omfg you morons

wtf you fucking retards the point of reviewing a submission is to tell them whether or not you liked it and possibly include some constructive criticism. you dont have to be good at flash to critisize it man fucking a you up tight fags if people want to say something sux they can cuz last time i checked there was freedom of fucking speech...||Anyways good job greedom keep up the good work.|| as for you masterincommand and manhandlingofgoat, stop trying to be the fucking review police you little cunts

not that great but original

very good but please dont have the music while the clip is loading its not helpful when your downloading more than one clip but seriously that was good


i agree with ManHandlingOf Goat , I use flash and I can tell you it ain't no walk in the park. For him to even pull this off is impressive. so to greedom, good job!

All of you stop saying shit about what u cant do

All you people telling people how bad they did probably couldnt have a decent attempt at making a flash movie. You know how damn complicated Flash is? God.