Reviews for "FAR 1/4"


this was..interseting...but it would be alot better if u watch all 4 parts, 1 right after the other...but otherwise it was pretty good.

Muy Bien

I liked this alot. It was very original, plus I have no clue what was going on, so now I have to see the next three. I loved the flash, though graphics and music need a touch of work. Oh, and don't listen to all those retards that gave this a zero for not having "lots of blood" or "hot dirty kinky sex". They don't have brains.


It's ok to say a flash sucks, but it's not okay to say "i could've done something better." that statement is really unfair. and unfortunately, it is what every bad reviewer says.

it was ok. i do not see what merits its deluge of '0's.

pretty good. needs some more work though

frosted, you are one lonely angry poor son of a bitch my friend. As for the flash.. it was alright and i'd hope u'd add some more backgrounds and etc.. hopefully this story will unfold and not remain flat as it is at the moment.


u could have made the graphics a LOT BETTER