Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

Not To Intresting..

Didn't make me want to see far 2/4...

But whatever.

hopefully it gets better as itr progresses

not that interesting and not bad enough to turn me away from it. im kinda curious what the air force was doing in that 'plane?' im in the air force and im fairly sure we dont actually have people that just fly around jet-propelled balls all day long :P

What's his purpose, oh I'll tell you his purpose

If his purpose was to Bore people you get a 10 across the board, but if his purpose was to entertain then you come up short. It's weird, sounds bad, looks bad and just over sucks. It's like you're trying to make something that looks like it sells, when in fact it doesn't.

Pretty good stuff.

It has me wondering what's gonna happen next. the animation and concept is different. I'll be watching them. Keep up the good work.

Different and cool style

I really like the style, it intreuges me

it looks like it has great potential-good luck with the rest i'll look out for it