Reviews for "FAR 1/4"


Why do you people bitch so much. This flash was better than most shit that goes through portal and had good graphics and animation. Only thing I agree with is the plot. You should just make 1 big episode isntead of 4 small episodes. I would understand if the file size was huge but its only 700 kb.

Crappy animation

This was worse than one of cock crews stuff, but great sound great stereo seperation.

That was fucking gay.

This multi eppisode shit is getting anoying, what happened to one good flash that kicked ass? No more series shit its getting old.


This sucked... A lot, probably one of the worst movies, I have ever watched on Newgrounds.. It was pointless, no plot really.. was like.. 2 minutes.. and.. it was.. the first.. Part?? how long are all 4 going to be total? 5 minutes?? awesome..

A mediocre diversion

The graphics were good; impressive, even, at times. However, there were a few flaws in this section. For example, the alien's arms jutted out at the wrong angle and looked silly. These flaws aside there is potential.

The story wasn't new so it wasn't interesting.

The direction was excellent at times; for example, the government spaceship flying quickly away.