Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

it was allright

pretty short, would have liked to see more


The animation is okay, but there wasn't much that I like. Like, I consider only parts of the drawings to be good. And WTF is up with that fighter/ ball thing? It's legs look like twigs!


The animation is good, and the music. But are there going to be any voices for some characters? Anyhoo, I liked the beginning part. Make more!


It was good. Nice animation, but I was suprised that there were no voices.

As for the people who keep complaining about all the "crap" that's on the font page, lets see you get some movies on the front page if it's so easy as you make it out to be. It's not Toms fault there aren't as many extraodinary animations nowadays, all the good animators are selling their work to that one place.. I forget the name.


I'm so fucking sick of this episode bullshit. For Minushi I can understand, but this is total crap. How did this get on the front page anyway? The graphics were horrible, and so was the sound. The story didn't even get anywhere.

They say that if you get interested in a book in the first few senetences, the book is overall well done. If this were a book, I think I would have set it on fire. This was a waste of my time.