Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

i didnt like this falsh to much

u really need to work on your falsh making>for example your are gona need to pay more attention to the walking.iIT could have had a voice.cant wait to see the next.

good for a first part

yea it was good but as the last review said needs more attention on the walking. interesting to see what the next episode will be like.

I disagree

true photoshop backgrounds are rather fugly, and you need to work on your motion animations (mostly walking) but this was a very good piece of work. much better and with more promise then alot of the stuff here on newgrounds

not bad...

it wasnt bad...but the animation needs fixing up a little...

and whats with this trend of creating backgrounds in photoshop or some crap all of a sudden?!?!

its rediculous!!!

image files just dont turn out well in flashplayer 7...
just wait untill flash player 8 for that

my scores say it all really...i can see this getting better
but this one (the first installment) was merely an average submission

hardly worthy of the front pge

Crunk son! Cool shit.

Defiantly odd with cool camera angles to keep the audience interested. Finish the next flash soon!