Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

good job...

I like its content. Actually the series will be more exciting if you put some dialouges in it. Just an advice. The flash just lacks a little thing. But not dissapointment...

Good job!

Good job buddy! Hmmm...great graphics, the only thing I see is maybe making the movement of the big guy a little bit smoother. Also, you need dialogue, not just any dialogue, but good SPOKEN dialogue; it will make it a lot better.


Awsome, I like the style. A great example of a good flash with no words or anything. Good job! I'll definately be watching part 2 and all of this series.

Very Cool

That was awesome. I liked the art style you used, I've never seen anything like it. Keep um comin.

Greedom responds:

hey thanks, Im just trying to expand my style. I wonder when HIM is going to release a new album!!!

It was good but not great

dude the walking was whack and the sound sounded like it came from a record, work on it...