Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

Not bad. Not good, but not bad.

This isn't what I would refer to as one of the best movies on Newgrounds, but compared to some of the CRAP that is submitted, it's great. I love the effort that was put into it. But, really, don'tcha think that having the "impenetrable alien robot" idea is a little overdone? I mean, look at "The Day the Earth Stood Still." THey just about covered it there.

Still, good animation. The style was pretty good.

Frontpage really?

donno...maybe its just me.........not bad....not good...errmmm...

it was ok

not bad.


Your movie was longer than some others.

that was pretty good!

the next bastard to blam this movie gets there spine ripped out of their ass.
it was good and if yuo can bull off come cool combat in part 2 im gona put this im my already over populated hall of fame^^