Reviews for "FAR 1/4"

This made front page?

What the heck was this? It wasn't remotely interesting, or in anyway appealing... I could care less what happens in the second one. There's nothing in this one to jolt it up or cause any anticipation.

Advice: Next time make the WHOLE thing and then release it. Releasing it in pointless short parts is just lazy, and a waste of time.


Boring....tick.....tick..when will it end?......Aha! Over. Thank God.

Yea good.

yea its good I want to see part 2 this should be good !

Really not too bad, I am looking forward to more.

This was rather nice. Nothing fancy, but neither did the graphics style take anything away from the story.


not bad...the full series should turn out nicely from seeing this but its too boring in this episode.sound was good and animation was too but not the best.i cant complain cause i cant do nething near this but yea...no...LOOK A DISTRACTION!