Reviews for "FAR 1/4"


Hmmm You Watch Too Much Si-Fi This Sucked Too....And Front Page.....Mabey I Should Start Filming Myself Craping That Would Be Front Page If This Can Make It...

My first review. Bare wit me

However that suked. i watched 1 minute and stoped. Was one of the worst movies ive seen


it was mediocre. the visuals
were okay, only in the sense
that it had its own artistic flare.
though the cartoony facial expressions
seemed a little off putting. the music
wasnt too shabby, but not particulary
amazing. i have a lot of mixed feelings
about this and so seems a lot of viewers.
it was on the short side and didnt show
anything stylishly new or original. also,
for a series consisting up of only four episodes,
im hoping the next one makes up a lot of ground.

You suck.

That was terrible, the graphics are bad is why mostly...

good job!!

great smooth animations... i liked the way you did the character designs and good choice of music... just one thing...

HURRY UP WITH PART 2 LOL... thats all...
cant wait...