Reviews for "The Intern"

Great work..

Great work but the reading thing got to me.. the eyes should go from right to left, seeing that the characters read from left to right, unless they are like.. japanese or something. And on the book, 'script' should be on the other side of the book... but other than that, great work.


Most of that was really funny, especially the bits where the hippo fell over and was fighting with the girl. The sound was awful, but that added to the hilarity. An excellent first flash. You definately need to get a better microphone though.

pretty cool movie

The ending fights rocks. It's true the voice are crappy, but it's fun when the guy kicks the girl in the wall and when she throws a letter at him :) It makes me think of Happy Tree Friends (ya know, it looks like for childs, but at the end, everyone bathe in a sea of blood)
Nice work and continue making movie that you can submit to Newgrounds. It makes a lot of us sadistic bastards pretty happy :)


that was hilarious, especially the part where the dude was trying to read the cue cards, great stuff, keep it up :), although i couldn`t really understand what the girl was saying it was stll pretty damn good


it was pretty funny. made me lol. GG