Reviews for "The Intern"

It was very good and different.

I actually kind of liked the spy cams. I thought it add to the movie. It was kind of slow at the beginning and the voices were kind of annoying. Especially the girls. It was just a little too high pitched and if I turned the sound down then I wouldn't really be able to hear anyone else. The graphics were good. Not great, but above average. The story was great. Certainly a winner. The ending was funny I thought. Not the funniest thing I've seen, but certainly good. Like I said, the spy cams were kind of funny. The sock puppet singing at the end was a clever idea. It wasn't the funniest thing, but it made me chuckle a little. I think you should just clean up the sound a little. Hope you have much success with this and I look forward to your next project. Rocketman.....rocketman. :)

Ugh, the sound!

The plot was decent, but it fell apart at the end with the spycams. The spycams made the end seem less cohesive, more random. The art was okay, it synchronized very well with the sounds. The character's emotions were varied, which was cool. The sound, man, you have really got to work on. The guy was barely audible, the girl sounded like a bunch of squeaking. The sound quality is so poor I couldn't tell what they were saying. It was fairly violent, and went overboard just a teeny bit. It was pretty funny, the "WTF" kinda funny. :)

really good

good first submission/impression :P haha. this had a decent story line, and you made a good flash to go with it.
the only problem was the voice acting. you really needed to get a female to do the voice acting so it sounded natural, and the quality of the audio was shocking apart from the sound effects. (subtitles are a good idea).
but, apart from the voice acting it was great. lots of violence, humor and animation. good work.

Looks pretty nice :)

Please change her voice or add subs :P

The Graphics are nice anyway :)

Oh man.

I can't believe the puppet starts singing Rocketman... haha.

Just a suggestion, you might want to try another voice for Rosie if you ever make another episode. She was often pretty difficult to understand.