Reviews for "The Intern"

(my sides huRt)

ive never laughed so hard!!!!


jesus god

that just went on....

Well done, but...

...might I suggest subtitles? ^^' It's just a bit difficult to understand the little girl sometimes. Very funny, though, I must admit!


well this started out pretty lame, but i have to say that i actually watched the whole thing, and that is has to make it better than alot of the stupid bullshit that i have seen on here. good flash, decent show, but could have been better.


U mite b wondering y i gave it such a crappy score...i gave sound a 3 cuz i cldnt undastand da voices, violence a 5 simply cuz i didnt watch it 2 da end cuz i cldnt undastand da voices, humor a 10 cuz it looked like it wld have been funni if i cld undastand da voices, an interactivity a 1 cuz u get 2 choose wen 2 play it :P. All in all it waz probably a gud movie, but wld hav been betta wiv subtitles :-)