Reviews for "The Intern"

well done

a very good idea, try to make more episodes

I thought of giving it a 5 but an 9 will do

Despite the slight poorly animated graphics, I just found the whole voice acting hillarious. Especially the pip-squeak lil' girl too. XD

The only thing I loved is when they started the cussing and the fighting before the whole thing got abit gore'ish with the blood. Keep up the nice work.


omg man keep up the good work i was laughing and i finnaly seen a purple hippo man u made my dream come true omg that movie was to funny


well this sucked ass. i cuden understand the badly animated little kid at all. i think u shud just avoid this completly because i wud just preffer to go watch the tweenies or sum shyt like that because it wud b a hell of a lot more exciting and fun to watch.

wrong wrong wrong...

so characters read from right to left in english? I thought only Japanese read right to left. (what i'm getting at is, pay attention to the animation of the hippos eyes when he reads the cue card about breakfast..it's farked!)

also the lil girl's voice is soo whack and annoying I had to muffle the sound with my 10 inch subwoofer that's connected to my XBOX playing Halo-2. (yesh!)

also the song at the end entitled: "Rocket Man" is a clealry stolen idea from "family Guy" on "Cartoon Network's: Adult Swim"

think of your own material, make the voices sound like actual actors instead of high pitched screams from a fucking banchee, and learn the fact that English speaking people read LEFT to RIGHT. Get it RIGHT!

I gave this a 1 because it has potential to become better if you use your own ideas, and clean it up a bit.