Reviews for "The Intern"

Wah a Weee-atch

That was pretty good, despite how fast and high pitch that kid's voice was. Loved the fighting scenes. Funniest part of the movie! ^.^


That was funny and strange at the same time. Some of the stuff I couldnt hear, so maybe you could make a subtitle option? Great work, keep it up!


Wow, man. That was very funny. I think youy should consider the subtitles option very soon coz i might watch it again just for the sake of knowing exactly whats being said, rather than assuming.

Anyways, the characters were aptly drawn, nice facial expressions. The physical comedy at the end was the best part, partly because the conversations in the earlier scenes did not make sense.

Anyways, keep it up and get a better microphone.

WM [:{}]


Wow, that was hilarious! xD Poor happy-hippo-man.Was he dislexic or just stupid?That girl's voice fit her perfectly! xD You could try to make the sound of a higher quality, so you don't have to crank the volume and lean close to the speakers to hear.Good job :3


Loved it. Anyone who complains about the girl's voice should try listening to a REAL kid's show for about five minutes. I swear to god....it will kill your ears.

The girl's voice in this may have been annoying, but that added to the realism of the whole thing! Once again, very nice.

*Note: If you cannot spell "repetitive", you should be dragged out into the street and shot....like that guy who reviewed earlier! :)*