Reviews for "Freak: Episode 2"


I remember watching the first episode a while back and then I didnt see any follow up and figured the series was given up on. Im so glad that its still kicking it looks amazing almost reminds me of all those cell shaded graphics they use in alot of video games now, once again nice work and it looks great. I also liked that shadow dudes voice how it was kind of half human half monster and it kind of changed around which one was louder. So great story, look, and style. ha oh and the violence rocks because when it happens it looks so violent and its not just over used to get people to like the series because its abunch of over-kill gore, cant wait for the next episode.

Now that kicked ass...

Wow awesome job! Haven't seen the first one yet but now I have to... that was some pretty slick looking shit there!

Holy Fluckers

It goes without saying, the flash was insanely good. I don't really know what the hell was going on, but the pretty pictures sedated me. Keep it up, this stuff is was makes NG worthwhile.


This is truly amazing work. THere finally is a series that doesn't revert to fart jokes to entertain an audience. I only wish that these could be made faster, because im in total anticapatin of episode 3. keep it up.

Engrossing storyline

Rich plot and great animations. You should add subtitles for German, Japanese.