Reviews for "Freak: Episode 2"


that was so good. inspiring. thank u.



Nice (Y)

This was pretty awesome! It was realistic!
There is a song named Freak from Gothminister, just listen. It would be awesome to use it with this on the 3 episode...

iron man

the fbi agent look like lead made

So fluid!

I really liked the fluid animation and the style overall. The backgrounds, sometimes, are too separated from the animation, though. The music truly adds the right feeling while watching to this.
The only thing that really doesn't go is the italian translation, I mean, it looks like the one who wrote them was on a really nasty drunk. Seriously! I could send you the right translation if you ever updated this ^_^
By the way, I can't wait to see the next chapter! ^o^

Evil-Dog responds:

haha oh yeah the italian is bad? I can never know if I can trust the translators and if they're not just using some crappy translator themselves.
But nah it's good, I,m not updating this old movie
Episode 3 has a storyboard and we started working on it but we're both pretty busy I'm not sure it will exist ever