Reviews for "Freak: Episode 2"


Brialliant, Can i ask? What programme you make this in? Cause i use flash and i can not make my animations look this good!? Or do you use flash with another 3D Programe?

Anyways Awesome Bro loved it!!

Very good

But the details took some time for me to get on use to :/ and plus, other than the blood, this reminds me too much of some sort of cartoon tv show like the justice league or something. Other than that, it was ok.

Great attention to detail

Enjoyed the details


Cant wait for the next one!

Very interesting.

I very much like this series.
What exactly is the shadow guy? A nexus crawler based freak or something else?

Evil-Dog responds:

It's funny you mention nexus crawler, because there's one in the next episode which will never get done haha