Reviews for "Alchemy FX"

like awesome

this is just music

I remember when this one had a top 5 once =)

Oh yes, that was good times, that was when top 5's was epic!

We need more stuff like this on the top man.

This sounds like a new style of DnB, it's nott too hardcore, not too soft either, it's some kinda mix between liquid and hard DnB. I really like it, could be great for an animation.
It's pretty chilly if you get what i mean, i like the drums man, pads, everything!
Love the dark liquid midnight street feel to it.

Still support this song.



Sweet As!

Nice job homie, make more like this! Cheers!


In my opinion I think it is by far the best of all your songs, considering I've only heard the ones on newgrounds, this one seems to flow so well.

one word (or something like that)

tottaly awesome!!! it's so amazing and techtonice..nice work/