Reviews for "The Unfilled Void x2"

All with the force young one!

Hehe, you didn't wait but that's not a big deal after all since you got all the shit down just like how it should be. Glad to hear that my ass kicking worked and hell how it worked. Just compare this with your first version and laugh at your wasted potential. ;)

Anyways, I bitched at this too much already so I just say, I enjoyed it like a cold beer on a warm sunny evening. Kicking fucking ass riffs! Listening to this over and over sometimes. :D

5up you fuck! ;)

What's the word...? Epic? Yeah.

Dude, there aren't even words to define how epic this is! Seriously, at a loss for words here xD

Yeah \m/

This has always been my favorite and now that you remade it,it sounds even more epic.

I can't take all these remakes, man....

Haha, because everytime its 10 times better than the last. You are just gonna explode one day.

Fucking awesome, brother.\m/

Current Score

4.04 / 5.00 (+ 0.092)

Only one problem

It felt some of lead guitar volume levels could have been raised a little, other than that this was epic.