Reviews for "GunChest"


Nice Game but....A bit to slow! But hey! I couldn't make anything better!

good game

all right 4/5 not that many moves to do a seqaul (i cant spell that word) or improvment would be nice.


I loved the 3-D graphics. It's some of the best i've seen. The only problem is the game. The controls and reaction time of your charcter are a little off but its still a nice movie/game.

Are we ever going to see the gun in that guys chest?????

Not too shabby

The graphics were awesome but not really my type of Flash... However te game was ok... Too Easy needs better AI

GunChest responds:

Thanks for visiting and being honest about GunChest.

That was good

I liked it. I coudn't really move much but it was good overall.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for playin' the game.