Reviews for "GunChest"


Nice Game but....A bit to slow! But hey! I couldn't make anything better!

did'nt see that much 3D

easy game you made
nicely done though...
i give it 4 outa 5

make it cooler....(no that you can win by doing backkick the hole time)... okay... got it... fine

keep it up


pretty good the fighting controls were a little hard but the animation and everything was good i cant wait for the first episode

good game

all right 4/5 not that many moves to do a seqaul (i cant spell that word) or improvment would be nice.


I loved the 3-D graphics. It's some of the best i've seen. The only problem is the game. The controls and reaction time of your charcter are a little off but its still a nice movie/game.

Are we ever going to see the gun in that guys chest?????