Reviews for "GunChest"


Wow the movie is great and so is the fight, you should make more and fast


This was a pretty cool 3D animation that you set up there. And the game was surprisingly entertaining too. Good job.

GunChest responds:

thanks. I'll keep do my best...


That was amazing, most people seem to give high praise to stuff on newgrounds which (though good for internet cartoons) wouldn't keep them interested if it were on TV. This would definitely entertain me in films and television too.

The game I thought, was a lot like 'Rise of the Robots' but the cartoon was pretty unique and very stylish, very cool. ACE!!

GunChest responds:


You make me happy HappyHarry87. Thanks for the encouragement. The character are original. It was being molded in my head until today. Be Happy! See ya.

let's just say...THAT ROCKED

I like how you made it a movie,and a game,that was really smart of you...The graphics were REALLY good,and it was very cool :)

GunChest responds:

bleedingsoul 51,
Thanks for the rating. I'm working on the graphic and the story at this moment. I hope you stick around to see more.


Helll Yesss.

GunChest responds:


Thanks for your review. Peace, man.