Reviews for "GunChest"

My god

Jesus man, this was awesome. Simply unbelivable. The 3-D animations at the beginning were ground-breaking, somthing you would expect from a video games (the real newer kinds). the music, exspecially during the game portion, which was very cool and fun by the way, was also very sweet. violence of course good, and combining a movie and a game like that so perfectly, spectacular. this definatly deserves a five. something tells me OCDrZiot didnt actually see the movie, and just skipped to the game. plus, he hasnt made anything himself, so he has no right to say " let the pros make games", like hes a pro, noob


Astro-Boy meets Megaman in the ultimate whoop-ass session.

Assuming this was a 'trailer', I can't wait to see the whole thing!


Great movie! i want to see all the episodes! I like how it switched to a game! And to all those "WTF NO BLOOD" people, THEY ARE ROBOTS! ONLY INFERIOR LIVEFORMS SHED BLOOD!

So pretty.......

Very impressive, very very impressive.

Friggin' awesome.

This was truly entertaining, and I loved it a good deal. A few things would've made the game better, though. Such as more complex combos, maybe make the jumping kicks slightly less tedious to perform, and a dash forward when you hit 'Forward' twice. Maybe a double jump, and then flip over the enemy, finished with a kick to the back might be cool, too. Heh, yeah. I love fighting games. .