Reviews for "GunChest"


Too easy, but still good animation and such (better than i could do!) just press X and left when you're near him and you'll block his every shot and hit him a bunch in between shots (only holding those buttons) like i said.. too easy, but still good art!

chal he suh

good work man.. coulda made the eyes for the robot better though. so he looks more robotic instead of anime cyborgish.. ya know?

Hope for more!

that was incredible, could definately be a series, I want to fight that woman in red! the jump kick was kind of wierd, and the sound doesn't sync up when Big Shoulder is walking. an instant classic. -m


Great artwork here, the opening sceen with the seaguls looks fantastic.The characters remind me alot of Megaman, Gad Guard, Gundam.Music sound good, the whole idea of the flash is great.I only wish it were longer.I like this alot, I hope you make more 4 out of 5


The animation was great, and the game was good too, but you should make more of the animation part. Id lke to see a story line with it.