Reviews for "GunChest"

Amazing, best 3d animation out there

Just wow, amazing 3d, can't wait for the next one! The game was too easy and short and it started to loop in the middle of the movie until I rightclicked and pressed play.

It was well animated...

But I didn't like the overall concept. Still, I decided I would take into account the work you put into the graphics. It was slow moving, which could be my computer... However, I didn't get a lot of entertainment from it. Keep working.


Mind-blowing graphics. the cloud scene had some faults. The clouds looked like they were moving instead of the "camera"...very cool except i dont get why this is called gunchest... u gonna make a sequel?...i liked the fact that the fight was interactive.

P.S when the subtitles came on before the blue guy spoke, i thought he'd speak in english. But he spoke korean, and i am korean. then i looked at ur name and it all made sense

I think that it was kind of a rip off of Astro Boy

Though it seemed like an astro boy megaman rip off, you had your own characters, your own style, and hell it was about robots! you can't go wrong with robots! You did pretty good, If people hated it becuase it looks like Astroboy or Megaman don't listen to them in negativity. I for one liked it more because of the Similarities. Nice JOB!


it's good and all but it would be better if it was just a video and not a game