Reviews for "GunChest"

Gay ass h3ll!!!!

man u need 2 do better that game sucks big donk3y b4ll's!!!

Is this actually flash!?! 0.0

Nice, it really is a nice movie, the game isn't that special, but a nice addition anyway. One of my fave flash movies!:D

GunChest responds:

Thanks for the cool comment. Flashy, huh?


i liked it

GunChest responds:

CRAP is good if it's HOLY! Thanks mastershadow. Visit again soon to see the upgrades.

A cool mix of Mega-Man and Armored core

I really liked this. It has a cool 3D look, and smoth animation.

Though the game was pretty difficult since the enemy has twice your reach and keeps stoping you from attacking, but easy because if you get off a good string of hits, you win. I really thought the animation was great, and I'd like to see a sequel with more of a plot and hopefully alot longer, even if it sacrifices the game.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for the review. All enemies have a weakpoint. We just need to find out what it is, right? That's what make life interesting.

Great animation....alright mega-man rip

Your a very good animator i will give you that. but your masin character is nothing but a mega-man ripoff.