Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Voyager Full 50%"

First review..

.. for the fucking win.


Can't wait.


Hey man I can't wait to hear more of your tunes...I've noticed that u don't make as many songs as in '05....either way I hope you live long cuz I'll be listening to your stuff mate. (5/5)(10/10)

Amazing :3

Wow this song is rediculously awesome :D, o_O I cant believe that your only half way done with this song xD, I'll be waiting for the 100% completion :D. Keep the awesome work up :D!

Has flaws, but rocks.

Despite all the flaws, this thing has racked up 100+ play counts on my ipod. And Yeah. I listen to it often, If you didn't geuss already.

Enteroar,YOU SUCKS!

its not even 50% same, its nearly -30% same,the different is 130%
By the way
This is awesome!!! i would give 100/10