Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Voyager Full 50%"


Bouncing all the way :D
Go(o)d song

0_0 wow...

Im not usually one to write reviews on things because im too lazy... but i just had to tell you how great your song sounds... im at loss for words.

Oh my...

I really like this song. in fact, it must be the best song I've ever heard on NewGrounds. Why? because, it's different. It's unique. I've yet to stumble on to another song in the portal that uses a bouncing-saw lead like this. It's nice and smooth, yet poppy. Intro was really nice, and the bass goes good with the lead.

Keep it up.


The intro could be better. A bit easier with less sounds, a slow build up, and then at once the "AY, BOOM BOOM BOOM". But nonetheless, it's a top song on newgrounds.

Really Nice one but.....

its a very nice one, congratulations ^^
but i feel somethings missing.....
still, its a very nice song :)
oh well... i think its nothing, keep it up i know u can make
lots of songs even better ^^