Reviews for "Broken Saints CH 15 ACT 2"


Broken Saints is a work of art your Characters don't even need a Voices keep up the good work


thats pretty boring i stopped it half way thru cos i couldnt be bothered to wait for the captions to come up, all in al a bad movie i give this a big thumbs down.


way to slow
no animation
no actual flash
boring movie
highly overrated
Artist dosnt even have a NG profile.

Broken saints?....

More like broken boredom....
I clicked it off in like twenty seconds of watching this.
But anyway.... I did like the animation, I didnt like the comic book sorta thing you did. If I want to read a comic book ill pick one up and do so. Im not a really big fan of this series.
So those are my only problems,
Boring, Comic booky.
The upsides are the animation, and sound. Good job


another superb episode in this kickass series...