Reviews for "Dragon Hunters"


Thats some funny shit man! lol very funny indeed..... id love to see a sequol.....soon....

so so funny the best ever

is the dude with the big head scotish or welsh he sounds it ALOT


ive watched loads of ur movies now and in this one i noticed your scottish accent

lol and a gid wee bit o language there

ah ken ah coold spoat yae wi yer language nice accent and nice movie :)


THAT WAS SO GOD DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the funniest thing i have ever seen on NG! Make a second part to it, that kid made me laugh so hard. "But it bounces back like a bouncy castle!"

"I thought we were just gonna kick them in the shins for bein bad!
They've been VERY baaad.. not just shin kickin baaad. they've been, chin to the face baaaad. theyve been elbow to the back of the spine baaad. theyve been kill the fuckas baaaaaaaad....."


Very funny!

You are an excellent improviser Joe, not needing to use a script to produce something funny. This movie was hilarious, especially when the bunny killed the dragon when he thought he was only going to kick his shin.