Reviews for "Dragon Hunters"


it was funny

so so funny the best ever

is the dude with the big head scotish or welsh he sounds it ALOT


it was a typical dragon movie but the song at the end was fucking badass.............not to mention i have a penis........dont ask

This is a pretty well composed flash!

You did pretty good, it got a real nice score! The graphics were pretty good, everything fit together very niceyl, the sound choicing was good, everything flowed smoothly sound wise, this flash had great fight scenes and was still able to maintain a humerous state! Keep up the awesome work! I will look forward to your next submissions!


God help me, I liked it.

Half the time it didn't make sence, and the other half it was really stupid. But for some odd reason, I found it to be rather intertaining because it was stupid. Good job.